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The Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)

The Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) also known as Skills and Technology Transfer Project is a private arrangement between IND (India) and JITCO (Japan) that allows the acceptance of skilled workers from developing countries like India to participate in a Training Program facilitated by a Japanese companies. We have supported several sending organisations from Vietnam,China, Thailand, Bangladesh and Philippine’s with this initiative in the past with Kumaies or supervising organisations.

The objective of the program is to allow our skilled workers to acquire industrial and professional knowledge, skills and technical expertise through a training program which has a minimum period of one(3 ) year up to five (5) years. After the training period the trained skilled individuals are expected to acquire the said skills for practical application here in India for economic advancement of our country.

Rural Development

Rural development generally refers to the process of improving the quality of life and economic wellbeing of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. Rural development has traditionally centered on the exploitation of land-intensive natural resources such as agriculture and forestry. However, changes in global production networks and increased urbanization have changed the character of rural areas.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is an umbrella term that refers to any source of usable energy intended to replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the replaced fuels.


To be a comprehensive consultancy company providing high quality services to organizations, companies and entrepreneurs from the East who are looking to venture into India through a painless strategic path to ride on the wave through successful creation of joint economic models.

Our ultimate goal is (to achieve qualitiative superiority, establish positive professional relationships and harvest credibility with our current and prospective customer base.)

Trust induces good will, which being prerequisite for involvement and loyalty, forms bonds founded on rational and emotional factors. Such ties are very difficult and sometimes impossible to sever.

Trust is a true and tangible link that positively differentiates company operations through transforming partners, customers and decision makers into individuals, emotionally convinced as to our Client’s strategies and concepts. The ability to create such a lasting relationship is a unique result of everyday work based on values, words and deeds.
Such a clear mission is increasingly valuable, especially in a dynamically evolving market.

Dedicated to provide quick, painless, measurable and lasting results to our clients

Managing Director
Tenjiku Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Rahul Malhotra-Managing Director is the driving force behind the firm

Rahul Malhotra has over 24 years of Business Management experience. A veteran leader and team builder he has extensively worked with numerous multidisciplinary International and Domestic corporate organizations providing Marketing and Management Consultancy on various projects.

He has primarily focused on Managing and Executing Large scale Projects like the largest World Bank Rural Roads project in Bihar which was awarded to the company where he was Operations Director (wholly executed by his team), (with equity participation), (which was a Joint Venture Company formed between TCC India and Scott Wilson Holdings Ltd, UK), Director Operations in the Highway Consultancy sector – brought about a Joint Venture collaboration between TCC and Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick Pvt. Ltd. .Managing Director Meander Holidays Pvt ltd and proprietor of Pine Velvet Adventures.

With reference to Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick India Pvt. Ltd. He has played a key role in the overall planning, development and management of the firm’s consultancy business. As a Business Development Coordinator and Team player, he has spearheaded marketing and brought about several successfully running Joint Ventures and International business development initiatives.

His experience in International Trading Ventures was primarily focused on commodities and products trading including Export & Import. He has, through his client base built over 24 years of work experience, established an International network spanning more than 20 countries. Therefore, possessing a wealth of International and Domestic Professional contacts and Networking capability in most continents, he is able to maximize his output with regard to International Trade and Marketing.

He brings to TCPL a lifetime of diverse and all encompassing business experience. He will ensure a smooth and painless entry of Japanese and other companies into the Indian business arena. Furthermore he is by nature a person, who, enjoys making a ‘constructive difference’ by initiating and delivering strategic solutions to business problems.
An out going person he is well liked and respected by all – driving his Team to realize their optimum potential by combining the wisdom of years with the energy of youth


TITP-Project introduction

The Government of India will send three lakh youth to Japan for on-job training for 3-5 years as part of the government's skill development programme, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said. Japan will bear the financial cost of the skill training of Indian technical interns.

Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, and Katsunobu Kato, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, sign the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between India and Japan on Technical Intern Training Programme, in Tokyo.

In what is a boost for skill development and technical training, India and Japan have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) for a Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP).

TITP Government Organisations in-charge of the TITP between India and Japan are

  • Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Japan
  • JITCO (Japan International Training Cooperation Organization) Japan
  • MSDE (Ministry Of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship) India and
  • NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation). India

India will be sending as many skilled trainees to Japan as required for on-the-job training under 77 categories provided by JITCO (Japan International Training Cooperation Organization) A few are mentioned below.


  • Fishery, Book binding
  • Furniture Making, Food Manufacturing
  • Industrial Packaging, Machinery & Metal and many more
  • Textile, Automobile repair and maintenance
  • Printing, Nursing care
  • Welding, Reinforced Plastic Moulding
  • Construction, Building cleaning management

On-the-job training in Japan
The MoC on TITP paves the way for sending Indian technical interns to Japan for on-the-job training for a period of three to five years. As per the government of Japan’s data for end-2016, approximately 230,000 technical intern trainees from multiple countries are on training in Japan. In 2016, about 108,709 technical interns entered Japan from various partner countries such as Vietnam, China and Indonesia that account for large numbers. India is not part of this program and will be sending 300,000 Skilled labour to japan under the initiative.

Trained labour Placement Facilitation Proposal

Brief about the TITP japan Program

What is the program all about?
The Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) also known as Skills and Technology Transfer Project is a private arrangement between IND (India) and JITCO (Japan) that allows the acceptance of skilled workers from developing countries like India to participate in a Training Program facilitated by a Japanese companies.

The objective of the program is to allow our skilled workers to acquire industrial and professional knowledge, skills and technical expertise through a training program which has a minimum period of one(3 ) year up to five (5) years.After the training period the trained skilled individuals are expected to acquire the said skills for practical application here in India for economic advancement of our country.

Organizations that Manage the TITP

Indian Ministry Of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship

Refers to MSDE Licensed Land based Agency that will facilitate the deployment, monitoring and assisting qualified Technical Intern with their Training Program in Japan with its partner japanese organization duly licensed by the Japanese Government under its Employment Security Act.

Refers to Local Indian Company recognized by MSDE where the technical intern was sourced. Sending Company is the institution that employs the technical intern locally and will guarantee reinstatement of the technical intern after completion of the Technical Intern Training Program.

Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) was established as an umbrella organization in 1991 with the aim of providing comprehensive support and services to member companies and organizations, mainly in the private sector, that accept foreign trainees in Japan. JITCO is under the joint jurisdiction of the Japanese Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.Also it is supported by several Japanese economic organization such as the Japan Business Federation.

Supervising Organization is responsible in assuring the welfare of the Technical Interns and making sure that all the provisions and guidelines stated on the TITP are met while the interns are conducting their respective training program in Japan. Supervising Organization interacts primarily with the Implementing Organization and Sending Organization.

Implementing Organization is simply the accepting company or the company which employs Technical Interns in Japan. This is the Technical Interns training ground, this is where they will enhance and learn the skills and knowledge needed in their respective occupational field.

How does the program work?

Recently the Japanese Immigration Control and Refugee Act was amended. In line with this the guidelines of the training program was also amended to suit the new Immigration Law.

Based on the new guidelines set by the Immigration Department trainees can enter Japan having a "Technical Intern" status without the needs of undergoing a "Trainee" status.  Technical Interns in Japan are considered as a regular WORKER, they are treated the same as Japanese workers, protected by both Immigration Control Law and Labour Law.

The duration of the program is generally from three year’s to a maximum period of five years. The program has an objective of further improving the skills of technical intern trainee with activities performed and acquired during the technical internship training period.

  • Japanese Language Training
  • Guides to Life in Japan
  • Immigration Control Act and Labour Law
  • Knowledge regarding the Work Type

Lecture training usually took two (2) months in the home Country India.  However Technical Interns can do "Advance Training" in India

Technical Interns are also covered by Public Insurance and Pension such as:

  • Health Insurance
  • Worker's Accident Compensation Insurance
  • Employment Insurance
  • Employee Pension


titp japan

Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)

The key operational issues for Sending Organizations are:

  1. Support in opening a Office in Tokyo, Japan
  2. Recruiting Japanese Staff
  3. Preparing Check Lists, Process flow charts, Statement of Works, Risk Mitigation plans and a proper Program management and implementation process.
  4. Skilled labour screening and recruitment

(3) Japanese language training for selected interns, and

(4) marketing in Japan.We assist Sending Organizations to streamline and improve their recruitment and screening process so that Sending Organizations can recruit and offer technical interns who meet employers’ needs.

As for the Japanese language training for selected interns, we assist Sending Organizations (or their partner institutions) to design their curriculum and teaching materials to improve learning efficiency.

Marketing in Japan, of course, is a critical issue for any Sending Organization to extend their business to Japan.We assist Sending Organizations to design and develop marketing materials and we undertake front-end marketing activities on behalf of Sending Organizations.We contact and negotiate with Supervising Organizations and assist both Sending and Supervising Organizations with due process for smooth transactions.

What are the benefits in joining the training program?

* Monthly Salary
* Airfare through and from Japan and India
* Adequate housing
* Inland transportation to and from lodging and training site.
* Use of appropriate corporate training and safety outfit.
* Insurance coverage of trainee such as death, accident or sickness. 

I wanted to be a Technical Intern what are the qualifications?

* Must be a natural born Indian citizen (Male/Female).
* Must be 18 to 40 years old.
* At least high school graduate.
* Physically and mentally fit.
* Must have basic skills training relevant to the occupational area being applied for training in Japan.
* Must be certified as having acquired the Japanese Language N 5 .
* Must be currently employed and duly nominated by his/her employer.
* With good moral character/ no-criminal record.
* The candidate must be definitely guaranteed of reinstatement in said employment upon his/her return to the Republic of the India after completion of the training (alternatively of the technical internship program in case the trainee transfer to the technical internship program) in Japan.
* The candidate must have a sense of mission as a trainee and be highly motivated.

I'am qualified to be a technical intern what are the needed documents?

Preliminary documents needed are as follows:

* Bio-Data (download format below answer every question accurately)
* Medical and Psychological Examination
* Trade Test Certificate
* Pictures (10 pcs. passport size blue background, NO TEETH visible)
* Birth Certificate / Marriage Certificate (If married) issued by Municipal Corporation and Local Registrar (LR)
*(High School Diploma/Certificate

* Certificate of Employment from your company.
* Copy of Business Registration of the company from ROC 

Business Development for TITP

Advisory and Business Development support for Sending Organizations from India

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your interest in our services.It is our pleasure to assist your organization in development of a competitive business scheme to enter into the labour market in Japan through the prestigious TITP program.

We strongly suggest that a Sending Organization takes sufficient time to set up a competitive business model.The following are the key aspects in developing business the model of Sending Organizations:

1.Understanding TITP and role of Sending Organizations (SOs):It is imperative that your staff in charge understand the structure of TITP and the rules and regulations both in Japan and India.

  • 2018 New Guidelines
  • Structure and flow of TITP
  • Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT)
  • Role and responsibility of Supervising Organizations
  • Role and responsibility of Implementing Organizations
  • Role and responsibility of Sending Organizations

Documents and forms required by OTIT, Supervising Organizations, and  Implementing Organizations are:


2. Organizational Structure, Communication Network, and Internal Operations of SOs

  • Main office
  • Recruitment & mobilization
  • Screening
  • Documentation and processing
  • Monitoring and support
  • Representative office, branch office, or corporation in Japan
  • Marketing

Monitoring and support

3. Strategic marketing plans and materials

  • Selection of target occupations/job roles (further discussed below)
  • Fee schedule (fees to be charged to Supervising Organizations):TITP Initial Fee & Monthly Monitoring Fee
  • Pamphlet,Webs Site, and other marketing materials in Japanese


4. Japanese language training program:This is a 160-hour Japanese language training program for those technical intern trainees who have been interviewed and selected prior to deployment.

  • Course syllabus and schedule
  • Textbook and teaching materials
  • Training for instructors
  • Online lesson by certified Japanese teachers 


Support for TITP Marketing

We do not engage in brokerage or act as a broker who mediates business transactions between Sending Organizations and Supervising Organizations. As a matter of fact, brokerage is prohibited in TITP, thus institutions or individuals who are not legally affiliated with Sending Organizations are not allowed to engage in business transactions with Supervising Organizations.

Therefore, when we represent Sending Organizations to engage in marketing actions in Japan and act on behalf of Sending Organizations, we require an official agreement and special power of attorney for authorization.

Marketing is a sustained and continuing process which incurs operational expenses. Thus, we require a fixed monthly service fee and do not entertain agreement on a commission basis.The amount of the service fee depends on the scale of the marketing scheme and our responsibilities.

In order for us to engage in marketing services on behalf of SOs, we must understand SOs’ internal operations including recruitment, mobilization, screening, and training processes, as well as the content of the Japanese language training for selected workers. We also need to understand how they will take full responsibility of the Skilled Labour from entry into in Japan for 3-5 year .

In case SOs have already established a contact point or recruited marketing staff in Japan until exit from japan after completion of their training. , we offer comprehensive technical advice to those individuals for effective marketing. 

About Tenjiku Consulting Pvt Ltd

Tenjiku Consulting Pvt Ltd is a consultancy firm duly established inIndia. We undertake business-related consultancy matters including, but not limited to, development of business schemes, marketing strategies, employee training and education. Do to our experience of over two decades in japan we support companies extending their businesses to Japan. TCPL have a very large network of Company’s in japan.

Since 2006, we have been offering competitive and comprehensive services to from India in japan and from japan to Indiafor merger and acquisitions, technology transfer, and investments into Indian Companies from Japan Cos.

TCPL is a a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at F-328, First Floor, Lado Sarai, Mehrauli , New Delhi – 110030.We legally represent Organizations and undertake marketing activities on their behalf in japan and Overseas.

We have an Office in Tokyo as well for the purpose at # 405 Nishiazabu Garden, 2-24-3, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Tenjiku Consulting Pvt Ltd
F-328 Lado Sarai
New Delhi-110030
Tel: 0091 11 41486140
Fax: 0091 11 41486140
Mobile :0091 9818445335

TCPL offers a wide range of dedicated management consulting services in India:

  • Due Diligence
  • Outsourcing
  • Public Relations
  • Staffing
  • Liaison
  • Accounting
  • Legal Matters
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Green Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Business Development

Our mission at TCPL is to improve business relationships among Japanese and Indian companies ,through increased knowledge and communications.
We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction by tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

TCPL offers a unique combination of:

  • Expertise in facilitation skills
  • Substantial experience inside Indian companies
  • Consulting practice with industry leaders
  • Skills and Competencies
    • Our expertise in ensuring continued growth and relentless follow-up of your business activity in India and its long-term development.
    • TCPL continuously follows up on your enterprise activities, virtually guaranteeing long-term business in India.
    • TCPL keeps your business relationships going smoothly through frequent communication, be it meetings, exhibitions, newsletters or through other media.

TCPL assists you with market visits in India, business meetings, and You need objective advice and the support of a India-based company that has experts in the development of commercial activities of foreign businesses in India, possessing a deep knowledge of the rules and references of the Indian market in order to establish a more efficient, accurate and precise strategy.

Your target is the Indian market, you want to start doing business in India and also evolve and optimize your business strategy in this market.
TCPL is a portal site for various partners and developers with the desire to establish business relationships within India.
TCPL. is a company dedicated to the introduction of non-Indian companies from the East and their products to those Indian companies wanting to establish foreign business partnerships. TCPL has also served as liaison and consultant to many non-Japanese companies wishing to either boost their Asia relationships or establish a legitimate point of presence within India.

TCPL was established recently to make it easier for companies to take advantage of trade and investment opportunities with India. By arming you with current information and by demystifying Indian business practices, TCPL empowers you to proceed confidently with a cost-effective market-entry plan.

Utilizing a clear, concise business development methodology, we present you with customized options. Then, with your feedback and direction, we execute faithfully.

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